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Gao Jiao Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006. Since the founder and CEO, Mr. Tsai, Chia-Hung graduated from the college, he started as a developing engineer working in the OEM/ODM factory for the automobile instruments in Taiwan. Many years later, he switched to an ultrasonic company and was developing the technique of ultrasonic technology. Subsequently, he turned his career in the medical company for 9 years regarding OEM/ODM solution. The company focuses at manufacture for medical uses, specially known as at producing ear thermometer and electric sphygmomanometer.
Afterwards, he created Gao Jiao Technology Co., Ltd, the company providing mainly on the manufacture of aroma and ultrasonic diffusers in the nationwide. Moreover, it also includes all the relative designs and services refer to diffuser, such as making mock-ups and OEM/ODM solution, etc. In 2016, Gao Jiao has become a recognizable company with stable operation, based on their high responsibility to their consumers. The company let the consumers without having concern and constructing the trust with them to ensure the business can be sustainable. Keep away the obstacles from the business to enriching and assuring products are all highly interlocked with the greatest characteristic in quality, pleasantness and creativity for the customers. To building an irreplaceable and experienced brand in the diffuser industry, providing better lifestyles, tastes and beliefs for families.