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Combine with the handy andelegant curve of shape, presenting the superb appearance of pearl. The whole featurelooks similar to the treasure bowl and calabash, represents and epitomizes thepositive notion of Chinese fortune. Based on the patent for this invention, itcreates negative anion aqua by ultrasound and atomizes the ingredients ofessential oil, to give people the sense of surrounding by waterfalls. Let the vaporcould spreading out frequently from the bottleneck. Besides, based on thespecific custom-made of VL/LED (Varied Lighting LED), there will bemulticolored steam spraying out from the diffuser and producing an effect witha riot of colors.

    In the functional portion, adding 200c.c ofwater, the diffuser can be operating for 8 hours constantly and 16 hoursdiscontinuously. It shows an outstanding endurance of power as an exquisitediffuser. Also, it pretty satisfies the demand of household standard. It is anefficient model compares with other collections. In another words, it is anexquisite product giving people aesthetic tastes and beneficial supports.  

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