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The product is producing bythe famous district specializing for the production of porcelain - Yingge,located in Taipei, Taiwan. The design represents the aspect of Buddhist. It wasused almost whole the pottery to narrow down the concern of plastic uses. The wholefeature looks similar to the image of treasure bowl and calabash, denotes thepositive notion of Chinese fortune. Besides, based on the specific custom-madeof HL/LED (High Lighting LED), there will be multicolored lights and shadowsemit throughout from inside the ceramic article.

In the functional part,adding 200c.c of water can operate for 8 hours constantly and 16 hoursdiscontinuously. It shows an outstanding endurance of power as an exquisitediffuser. Also, it pretty satisfies the demand of household standard. It is anefficient and delicate diffuser from all the collections. Especially for thehousehold decoration, the product represents the symbol of quality, pure, honorand auspiciousness.  

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