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The product is producing bythe famous district specializing for the production of porcelain - Yingge,located in Taipei, Taiwan. It represents the aspect of pure andunsophisticated, creates the atmosphere like staying into the woodland orcountryside. The design was used almost whole the pottery to narrow down theconcern of plastic uses. Besides, based on the specific custom-made of HL/LED(High Lighting LED), there will be multicolored light emit throughout frominside the teapot, let people feel vigorously and receive the peaceful vitality.

In the functions of use, adding200c.c of water, it can operate for 4 hours constantly and 8 hoursdiscontinuously. It shows an outstanding endurance of power as an exquisitediffuser. Also, it preserves simple health and nourishing a better life fromthe tense circumstances. It is an efficient model to create micro-molecularsteam compare with others ‘diffuser and gives an unadorned taste but full ofvaried feelings to people.  

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